Map of NAM

I keep praticing some mapping at the European Summer School in Digital Humanities Leipzig. Here’s a of member and observer countries at the Belgrade Conference of 1961 where the Non Aligned Movement was created. It was done on QGIS, using an old map from the 1960s that seems a bit like a board game.


A Storymap of Tito’s Visit to Latin America in the 1960s

After a couple of days at the “European Summer School in Digital Humanities”, here’s one of my first mapping projects. A short storymap about Tito’s visit to Latin America in the 1960s, you can see it on:


On Croatian Ethnology

One of the areas that interests me the most in intellectual history is the history of social sciences. I had the chance to contribute to the last issue of the journal Südosteuropa with an article on the transformations of Croatian ethnology during the early 1990s, with a special focus on developments at the Institute for Folklore Research in Zagreb. You’ll find it on the journal’s website: